D7100 crahses sgp


I just tried to connect my d7100 to SGP and it crashes the program.

Am i missing something?
I’m using a pc with the most recent version of windows.



The SD card should be removed from the camera. If that doesn’t work please supply a log. More info here:



Thanks for the info. I tried taking the sd card out and the program still responded the same.
Where can i find the log file to send to you?



Info on where to find the logs can be found here:



here is the log file.

please let me know what i need to do to be able to use my d7100 with SGP.


Odd, It seems to think the nikon libraries are corrupt. Attached is the set for the 7100. You can try these and see if they work. Just unzip the contents to C:\Program Files (x86)\Sequence Generator\NikonLibs\Type0010

Also try the “Auto Connect” rather than singling out the camera. And if that fails try the other way :smiley: but I’m not really sure what’s causing this. I know we have other folks using the D7100.


7100.zip (272.7 KB)


thank for getting back to me! i gave that a try, removed the sd card, camera in manual, and had my coma corrector attached to the camera. i tried both options, auto connect and selecting the camera model, and SGP still shut down.

here are the two log files of both attempts.


Is there simple a setting that i missed somewhere either within the camera or the software?


I don’t believe so. Unfortunately I don’t have a D7100 to test with. Maybe try 2.6 to see if that is working? We did update the nikon drivers in 3.0. Maybe the new drivers are causing issues?



Did you ever find a cure for this? I’m having the same issue when attempting to my D7100 (using both auto connect and selecting D7100) with SGP 3.02.82


FYI this continues to happen for me on as well. Also deleted and used the Type0010 files.

I updated the camera firmware to 1.04 just in case that was an issue. It was running just fine on 1.03 with BYN.

I’m a Windows 10 Enterprise user on a brand new machine (got it just for SGP and my focuser). Happy to open up Teamviewer and my D7100 for debugging.


Problem solved!!! Stumbled across a Nikon SDK forum where they had the same errors. Looks I needed the 32 bit 2013 Visual C++ redistribution package - vcredist_x86.exe


Did it work??


I haven’t been able to go out and image yet but the camera is taking single snapshots and downloading the image just fine. I have the camera model manually selected and RAW for now.


FYI, this is the package I needed - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784

Make sure you choose the x86 install.