Dang...Another Atik EFW2 Problem


I bought a new Intel NUC that I intend to use for travel imaging and wanted to test it out from home tonight with an all-night sequence. My normal OBS desktop computer connects to the Atik EFW2 just fine with no problems.

With the NUC unfortunately I cannot get SGP to connect to the EFW2. I should note that the filter wheel connects and operates as normal through Atik’s simple control software. I can change filters etc with the Atik program.

I get the follow error when trying to connect in SGP:

And here is a link to the SGP Log file. This log file is just starting SGP, and trying to connect to the EFW2.

Any ideas?


@joelshort That log file does not seem to contain an attempt to connect to the filter wheel. The error, though, means that the COM server for your driver is not properly installed or registered with the OS.


I’m not sure what that means Ken. I have uninstalled and re-installed the
driver but no joy. And I know that the NUC is communicating with the
filter wheel since the Atik program can control the filter wheel.


This error is issued by Windows on behalf of your ASCOM driver so you might get better troubleshooting ideas from Atik. Technically speaking there is an area in Windows that holds common components and libraries called the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Windows is saying that the manifest and the version of the driver installed have mismatched versions.

Does that software use the ASCOM driver or does it use serial commands over USB?


I have no idea. I have only installed the Atik ASCOM driver, but the installer also installs “Artemis Software”. In any event I’ll take it up with Atik. Thanks Ken.


One last question with this Ken. As you may be aware Atik has been releasing new drivers lately that seem to have caused some problems for many users. I had gone back to an old version of the driver that was stable for the EFW2. In looking at the old vs. new drivers carefully, I noticed that Atik switched from the old driver “atikusb.sys” to new driver “libusb.sys” (or something like that). Could switching back to the old driver have caused this mismatched registration state?

I’ve sent a request to Atik but I think I may just try to uninstall all astro software, including ASCOM 6.2 and reinstall everything to see if that fixes it.


Absolutely… especially if the driver uninstall process does not properly clean up after itself.