Debayer function to convert the monochrome FITS to color, and then a color adjust or color balance function


Title says it all. More and more of us are moving to OSC. Including myself just went from asi1600mm-cool to a QHY 168-C & we want to at least see a preview. I am sure you should be able to generate a preview in color and still preserver a fits file for processing latter on.

Can this be done please.

All competitors seem to have this including nebulosity which i own.

If both cant be accomplished then give us a choice to preview and save in tiff. Its our loss not yours.


Nebulosity, Sharpcap, and many other all have a Debayer preview that does not effect the final product. Why do i need to use other software when even the SkyX is intending to implement this feature?. That comes right out of the Bisque brothers mouths.

It is time to give us this preview as many of us have requested it. Other then this shortcoming SG pro is amazing.




Yes, please. I would also appreciate a color preview with either my D810a Nikon or my ASI071.

Thanks for the consideration,


I would also like this added I use one-shot color a lot,