Debayer issues

Having changed my previous ASI 071 for a Pro version to deal with the condensation issue I am now faced with a problem I never experience before.
Can anyone shed some light on this issue.
I took 40 frames of 300 seconds each and everyone of them are different when Debayered. Some have a green cast which I expected some have some red cast and the others have a multi coloured cast. On the same image I will have up to 5 areas with a different colour. I have tried everything I can think of but the results are always the same.
Thank you for looking.

Hi Vince,
It is interesting you brought this up. I to just had this same issue the last time I was imaging, almost 2 weeks ago, with the same camera, ASI071 Pro, (Recently upgraded to the Pro version), I thought it was something I did and been scratching my head on this wondering what went wrong. Becasue of the weather, I’ve only used this camera once with SGPro Version 3. The other few times was with SGPro Version 2 but never had this happen before.I’d be interested in seeing if anyone else has this issue. At this point I don’t know what to think, can’t say if it’s a Camera, a SGPro issue or something I did.


Hi Vince and Mark
I’m just in the process of setting up my ASI 071 Pro and haven’t got to the point of mounting it on the scope yet. Working indoors and with SGPro 3 running with just the camera connected I can’t get the cooler to operate satisfactorily. I’m new to ZWO so am probably making a silly mistake, but can I ask, are you using the cooler and if so, when you set it to cool down does it go to the desired temperature and then stay there? Mine starts to fall (from say 25 degree ambient to a target of -5 degrees) and then the temperature starts to jump around erratically, sometimes showing 70, 80, 90+ degrees and then suddenly 1 degree. Also the cooler % rises and falls seemingly at random, sometimes settling at 100%. I’m using the ASI Camera 1 in the equipment list. Any suggestions?

I am pleased in a positive way that I am not the only one suffering with this problem. Unfortunately ZWO are on a New Year holidays and won’t be back until Monday so I can’t get any help there at the moment.
Like you Mark I had the camera since November but with the rain and the cloud I have been unable to test it until now. I never tried it using SGP version 2 so I don’t know if it would make any difference. Again with the atrocious seeing I don’t know when I will be able to try it again.
Buggs the cooler works perfectly on my camera. In the Equipment Profile Manager I have set the parameters in SGP -20c and a 5 minutes cooling down time on Camera Connect. As soon as I connect the camera the cooling down starts so I don’t have to wait.
I don’t touch the Docking Module TEC for the temperature as the temperature is controlled when I start the camera. Using the TEC temperature Docking Module I have had the temperature set at-20c but it stayed at -2c and would not move from there. I disconnected SGP and restarted it and everything was fine.

Vince, thanks for the cooler info. There was a slim-to-zero chance the two issues were related but obviously not. I’ll open a separate thread on the cooler problem. Good luck with your debayer issue.

Hi @Buggs
I never noticed an issue with the ZWO cooler. However, that being said, the few times I used it, the outside temperature was between 0 degrees F to -10 degrees F so I did not set the camera cooler temperature. I simply just powered the camera and that causes the fan to turn on. with it being so cold outside, this was enough to keep the camera cool.
Just a dumb question on my part, but you are supplying power to the camera? the camera needs power to run the fan and to cool.

Vince - if you hear anything back from ZWO can you please post here?


Mark, thanks for the reply. Yes I am supplying power. I see the temperature drop and the cooler percentage change, but then it goes haywire. I’ll put together some data and then open a thread on the subject.

Hi Buggs,
I will report as soon as I get some info on the problem. Hopefully I will get some feedback from ZWO on Monday if not I will chase them.

Hi Buggs,

a friend of mine had an issue with his new ASI294. The cooling would not work at all. After having talked to the dealer, it became clear that the cause was a loose connection at the power supply of the cooler. So he was able to fix it by himself, only a (camera-internal) connector had to be plunged in properly.


Hi Bernd,

Thanks for the info. I may have the same problem. Mine seems intermittent in that the cooler starts to show dropping temperature and then it goes haywire, sometimes jumping from 2 degrees to 90 degrees in a second so there looks to be a dodgy connection somewhere. I’ll investigate.

Best regards,


I still cannot debayer my images. If someone with anASI071C manages de produce some good images with Pixinsight could you please let me know your workflow so that I can try it out.
Many thanks

Vince, I’m new to the ASI071MC Pro but I have managed one processed image to-date. Are you using Pixinsight’s Batch Processing script to calibrate/stack your images prior to processing. If so, have you made sure the CFA Images box (in Global Options) is checked, otherwise it won’t debayer.

Vince, I don’t understand what is your problem: to find out which is the right CFA pattern for your camera?


Hi Bernd,
I processed the images in their raw state with the corrections files. (Bias, Dark and Flat) then I align the raw frames and then I debayer the raw frames before integration. When the light frames have been debayered I get individual frame with a mixture of colours and note identical on all the frames.
Here is a sample of what a debayered light frame look like.
Out of 40 light frames only 10 are what I call normal all the others have this multi-coloured effect.
Thank you for your help.


You have to debayer the images before align other wise poo coloured images :slight_smile:

Yes, I guess that solved your problem, Vince.

Thank you all for you help. I will have a go at Debayering all the light before aligning them and see what I get.
Thank again.

I’m curious if you fixed the issue. Ive had my camera a couple weeks now and went out for the first time with it last weekend. My edit results were all over the board. I even got the rainbow poo. My solution was removing my flats from the calibration process then everything worked great. Until then I had bright green, red or rainbow to background extract. The winning color was green for me. Final photo looks good without the flat.

It would seem that the problem is resolved. Debayering first seem to solve mostly the problem. I need to see if the Flats are creating another issue as explained by AMY_LITTLE.
My last question is that on setting the camera I do not have the Offset display. I only get the Gain and the choice of 4 different setup. Is that normal?
many thanks

Vince - I thought I saw someplace, can’t exactly recall, that the Offset option was removed from the new ZWO driver. Need someone else to confirm, but that’s what I thought.

As for the Debayer issues - I’ve always used DeepSkyStacker, (DSS), and have never had an issue up until just recently. I recently upgraded my ASI071 to the new Pro and at the same time move up to SGPro 3.0 and this was the first time i ran across this debayer/color issue. I don’t know the order at which DSS preforms all of the processing steps but are we now saying IF DSS does not debayer first it will no longer be of any use?

In the meantime, I going to try stacking without any flats to see if what AMY_LITTLE found is true.

I’ve been imaging for a few years now, always used OSC camera, started out using the ATIK383+ OSC and more recently the ASI071 and have never had any issues processing my images up until just a few weeks, with the new updates/upgrades. If anyone has any other though I’d be interested in hearing. I also posted over on the ZWO forum web site and SAM has reached out with a couple of questions that I need to follow up on.

Anyway, not sure if this debayer issue discussion should continue here or over on the ZWO site. I don’t want to take up the SGPro folks time if its not a SGPro issue.