Delay After Meridian Flip

I would like to be able to ask the mount to pause for a bit (perhaps 30-60 seconds) after a meridian flip. Things always seem a bit shaky after a flip with poor guiding and often I have to throw the first post-flip frame away. I know that I can introduce a delay after a centering action, but this significantly slows down the plate solve/centre routine and I have not found a lengthy pause to be necessary here.

If such a feature already exists and I have missed it, I apologise for wasting everyone’s time.

Use the mount settling time to do this. It will pause after a slew or meridian flip before restarting the sequence.


As I said, I did try mount settling time, but it introduced a delay after each centring action (for example) when centring after a slew. This slowed down my centring after plate solving - something that I was finding unnecessary.

Yes, that’s the downside to the settling time. For my CEM60 I have to use 60 sec or meridian flips always fail (due to a driver issue, not SGP). Luckily my mount almost always centers after one try so the delay in plate solving and centering is minimal.