Delay now happens before events that require delay


Apparently the order of things has changed so that the delay now comes before everything else. This is problematic for me - and seems bad in general.

For me the sequence now is (with

Delay 15 seconds
Change filter
Request dither
Start frame integration

This is backwards from how it worked before - where the delay was the last thing to happen before the frame integration starts. Is this new way intentional?

The whole point of the delay for me is for everything dynamic to complete and then nothing happens for 15 seconds - and then you start the next exposure. This lets everything including the dither settle. That is how it used to work. Is there a reason you want the delay to happen first - and then the whole imaging train does crazy stuff right before the exposure?



OK - it looks like I can now enter a time to wait after dither for it to settle - and if so I think that would work. In that case I would remove the delay between images and put it in the dither. I will need to test it.



Well… we can move the delay to where it used to be. We did not move it, but we did move dither so it had the appearance of moving the wait period.


Hi Ken-

I guess the autoguider delay won’t work for me with MetaGuide - I’m not sure. Will the autoguider delay actually work for me if SGP isn’t even watching the guide error in the first place?

I definitely need a delay after dither and before the start of the next exposure - but there are other things that need a delay also.

Is there a delay settable after a filter change? Right now I’m not using filter offsets - but if I did and I combined it with long focuser backlash compensation, then changing any filter that goes backwards - with OAG - means turning off autoguiding and then waiting for focus to return - then turning on autoguiding and letting things settle. The delay would only be big if the focus offset moves backwards - which is typically only once when going through a set of filters in order of focus offset.

This is to say that both dither and a filter change each can cause a big disruption with OAG guiding. A simple way to handle this for many cases is just to put a delay right before the shutter opens again - after all the different operations have happened.

Right now if the dither delay does not work as I need it to - then yes I am in trouble and the delay is not serving its purpose to recover from the dither - and all frames will start out with bad guiding.

In general - yes I think it makes most sense for the delay to be the very last thing before opening the shutter.



I think so. As long as the “For N seconds line is checked”, it should delay before frame start.

Both “between frame” delay and “settle for N seconds” should occur in this period.

There is, but you may not need it if you are using the settle delay in the auto guider tab.

This is where between frame delays happen.


Thanks - I’ll try the autoguider dither delay next time.