Direct Mount Guider unnecessarily slowing down sequence

Dear forum members,

recently I wrote in a post that the Direct Mount Guider slowed down the autofocus, something that was caused by a wrong setting on my side (see post Direct Mount Guider slowing down autofocus)

I now have the following similar situation, but now the sequence itself is unnecessarily slowed down by the Direct Mount Guider as recently I changed dithering from each frame to every 5 frames.
Now I would expect the settling to be active only when actually dithering, so every fifth frame. Instead I see that settling is done for each and every frame.
Is there a way to avoid this?


Hi Nicolàs,

I believe the latest Beta version has fixed this issue.



Hi Bruce,

thanks for your reply. Great that it has been addressed already. I will wait for the following official release and test it again.


Yes, beta should fix this. Just FYI this is likely to be a little longer beta cycle as there are some non-backwards compatible changes in it.


Thanks Jared for the confirmation.