Directory settings


Directory tab

Can’t make a different directory with each event it only saves the last typed one…it would be better if we can put each event in its own folder under the same sequence


You can modify the filename parameter to sort of do what you’d like, what did you have in mind?


When I have more than one step in the sequence I can only put in one directory I can’t have a dudfeeeent directory for each step


But you can add the suffix to the directory name which you can control in the events.


I’ll take a video of what I mean and send it…right now I’m making a dark library lll


OK… EXAMPLE: add \%su\ would add whatever you put in prefix for the event as a SUBdirectory for the image.


You can’t give SGP a different directory for each Target/Event, but you can specify how SGP will create the filename which can have programaticly created folders in it. Please see here: