Display Problem


When I start SGP on my laptop I get the following display:

The sequencer window is visible and the minimize/maximize/close buttons are visible in the upper LEFT corner. I can’t do anything in SGP besides close the sequencer window and then close SGP via the “X”. This is repeatable and currently I can’t use SGP on my laptop. Thankfully my OBS computer displays fine. Both machines are Windows 10 and SGP I noticed this with the previous SGP build but thought it was a fluke.

I’m not sure if the log is helpful, but here it is: SGP LOG

I have also updated all display drivers to no effect. Any ideas?


That’s a new one. I have no reasonable explanation for that. Anyone else seeing this?

Have you tried right clicking on the sun icon and trying some of those options… like “restore”.


Hey thanks Ken! For some reason when I would click on the square to
maximize (or minimize) nothing would happen. When I right clicked on the
sun icon and chose maximize it displayed properly. Now SGP opens properly
every time. I have no idea what happened to cause it…


It happens all the time to me, but I can just make it ‘maximized’ and it doesn’t affect me.