Dither Every "X" Frame- (Improvement Suggestion)

I’ve used the new Beta for several image sessions and the dither every “x” feature is a HUGE improvement particularly for short exposure capture.

One way that this can be more useful, would be if you could set the parameter in the Event, rather than as global. This would allow more automation and you could change the “x” value for each filter.

This would be helpful for LRGB, where you could have more frequent dithers when shooting with RGB where you would have fewer sub counts, and less frequent dithers for LUM where you have many more subs.

Not sure if this could be easily added…

With short exposures, dithering every frame is a waste of time. I recently shot IC1396 and used 30 second exposures. I had 80 frames each of RGB and 450 of L. I dithered every 4 frames for the former filters and every 10 frames for the latter. With this many subs I had no correlated noise in the final integrations. I would have lost almost 40% of my dark sky time if I had dithered every frame, but instead only lost 15-20%.

For longer (and fewer) subs I agree… every frame is a must.

Not trying to start a debate as it looks like that has already been done… just stating my case and why I would find this useful for the developers. :slight_smile:

No, I use a Mono CMOS. See above posts. I explained that I was shooting LRGB.

ASI 1600MM-Cool. Read noise is very low and sensitivity is very high, so long exposures are not needed even at low gain with LRGB. Longer exposures for NB would be frequent dithering, maybe every frame, but there is a lot of promise with high gain short exposure NB imaging with this camera.

Like I said, not interested in a debate, but your logic is still not sound for short exposure imaging where many subs are taken. Please keep this a debate free thread. I think it can be closed now as the request has been submitted.

Posts withdrawn - waste of time. IMHO it is about results. If it works and gives you excellent results, use it. My results speak for themselves.

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Thank you.

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