DLL error with QHY 10 - I am puzzled


Dear Experts,

I had to reinstall my laptop recently, and my camera causes SGpro to crash… It was working properly in the “previous life” of my laptop ( also Win10 64 bit ), but now I have the following message when I start frame and focus with the camera connected:

I tried to set the variable as mentioned in the message, but SGPro still crashes after, with a different error:

As I understand it is some kind of version conflict with different libraries, but I have not found any clear explanation or solution on the web… Could you please give me a hint ?

Clear skies,



I was trying to narrow down what did I install on top of the applications I had on my laptop previously. I could solve the problem by uninstalling Gopro Studio software. No QHY10 errors anymore ;-). Don’t ask me why did this solve the DLL conflict, but it did ;-).

Clear skies,


Just one more addition: to make sure that Gopro Studio was the reason, I have installed it again - yes the error returned. Unistalled and the error is gone now :slight_smile: