Does CCD Pixel Size Affect Plate Solvin..viz Plate Solve 2?


I have two ATIK mono CCD cameras. My wide field is the ATIK 383l+ Mono with a pixel size of 5.4 micorns and my older 3l4e is 4.65 microns.

I am using Sequence Generator Pro with both (local & web) and recently installed PlateSlove 2 by Plane wave.

I seem to have very good quick solves using my ATIK 383L with Plate Solve 2 but in using my ATIK 3l4E it seems to be a “no-go”. I haven’t yet configured my Plate Solving to switch over to Blind Solve yet if PS2 fails. Now, I have enabled the fail-over in SGP but won’t know the result until my next time out.

So with the smaller chip not covering a large area, could this be the reason for the plate solve failure?

Thanks in advance.


It does pass an image scale to PS2. I believe ANSVR doesn’t use it. You can setup different equipment profiles for different cameras.


Does CCD Pixel Size Affect Plate Solvin…viz Plate Solve 2?

Absolutely. It changes you image scale.