Does SGP Pro support ZWO ASI174MC Color Cooled

Hello, I am trying to decide whether to purchase SGP Pro. Currently I am using both a Canon 600D and 7D MarkII. Hopefully SGP Pro supports both. The reason I ask is that I have not found a list of cameras supported anywhere on the website. I probably just don’t know where to look.

But my main reason for this topic is that I purchased a relatively inexpensive cooled color camera for use during the hot summers here in the high desert. It is a new camera manufactured by ZWO, an ASI174MC Color Cooled.

Their answer to me was that I just needed to download their camera control software, the ASCOM driver for the camera, and then connect to SGP Pro. I didn’t get a compatibility answer. Apparently some people are using SGP Pro, but I have not run into anyone who has this camera, and uses the software.

Please let me know if SGP Pro will control this camera, and my Canon cameras, as I really am interested in purchasing a license, if it does. Caley

SGP definitely supports Canon cameras. I use 2 6D’s on 2 of my three scopes. Works great.

Thanks so much. At least I know my DSLR’s will work, but in order to image during the summer, I also hope my inexpensive ZWO camera will also work. Keeping my fingers crossed. Caley

We always recommend a trial prior to purchase. You can download sgp here and it will start a trial.

2.4.x is the stable release.


Jared, Thanks so much. Whenever the weather finally clears consistently to work on this, I will try the Trial of your software. Right now if I were to download it, I might not be able to use it because of the weather. Caley