Dome Automation request


I have an urgent need for additional dome automation features. Is it possible, when the roof closes, that there is an automatic cat flap release?
I was aiming for full hands-free automation while I stare at the inside of my eyelids. Instead I have to get up to let the furry monster out or put up with an incessent mewing!


My preference would be a door to let the dog in instead. That way the cat quickly learns not to go there. :wink:


Since SGP only talks to Domes via ASCOM we’ll need to get this in that spec. I’ll see if it can be worked into the Observatory 3.0 spec :slight_smile:



No need, this is the sort of thing that the ASCOM Action/SupportedActions properties are intended for. All you need to do is agree between yourselves names for this functionality and implement it in the driver and application.

The other - non ASCOM, non SGP - way would be to link the cat flap directly to the roof close, when the roof closed switch is activated this also releases the cat flap.

Or does this also need to be linked to a safety mointor - SafeToLetCatOut - so it doesn’t open the cat flap if it’s pouring cats and dogs?

We have a cat that won’t push the cat flap open to go out. She’s perfectly happy to push it open to come in.

So I’ve made an contraption using a RC servo with a long arm on it, two pressure pads and a PicAxe processor that operates the servo to open the cat flap when Daisy steps on the out pad. There’s a pad on the other side that stops the servo opening the door the wrong way when she’s half in. She loves it, she walks up to the door, steps on the pad, waits for the door to open, and marches through. Or sits on the pad so she’s indoors in the warm but can see out.



Nice one Chris - or a servo controlled spike that propels her through it!

I think I have found something already on the market. A flip flat panel, especially designed for CATs.


Cat Flap indeed…