Dome slit Alignment MaxDome II

Im having an issue with SGP dome slit alignment when slaving. The alignment is off slightly so that the telescope OTA is slightly blocked.

I’m using MaxDome II.

Note the dome pointing is fine. eg unslaved, if I tell the dome to goto 90, 270 through SPG, this is accurate.

MaximDL dome works fine and uses the same driver and dome settings.

eg telescope azimuth 245, MaximDL dome azimuth 256 (centered) SGP dome azimuth 232 (off center)
eg 2. telescope azimuth 280, MaximDL dome azimuth 298(centered) SGP dome azimuth 271(off center)
eg 3 telescope azimuth 103, MaximDL dome azimuth 89(centered) SGP dome azimuth 116(off center)

Is there any settings specific to SGP that I could check given that Maxim DL works accurately.

Essentially SGP needs to move the dome further left . This applies for both sides of the sky.

Thanks Dave (down in NZ)

Have a read of this thread. Try putting in diameter instead of radius.

Also interesting we are both in the Southern Hemisphere

Thanks turbo_pascale,

I’ve tried the SGP dome settings with radius and diameter.

Unfortunately the error remains similar.

At the moment all my equipment runs through SGP. In the mean time I might just leave the dome through Maxim DL.