DSLR and Belt-type focuser with SGP?


I am considering sending my Canon 5D III in to be converted to a cooled astro-camera and using it with a medium format lens and a belt type aftermarket focus system (using Starlight FocuserBoss motors and controls).

Offhand I can see no reason why this would not work with SGP, including doing solves and focus. Is anyone using a Canon DSLR and belt focus system with SGP (need not be a cooled DSLR since cooling is a separate issue).


I don’t use a belt but do use a gear on the outside of a Nikon lens to do autofocus. A belt would have worked exactly the same but I didn’t see the point of a belt when I gear worked just fine. I needed to gear down the stepper motor to get fine enough resolution in the focusing, but it works well.



I believe @joelshort has done some of this? I recall seeing pictures of a fancy rig for lenses but I’m not sure if he ever had it running. At least I believe that was Joel.



I wouldn’t call it fancy but here’s what I did. It uses a Robofocus motor to drive the belt.