DSO Browser


I maybe missing something obvious, but how do I bring data into SGPro from DSO browser?



Hi Nigel ,
You need the latest SGP beta…


ODD…I have just tried this for the first time too…and it does not appear to work???


If you can provide the link you were trying to import we can take a look.

This implementation is fairly new so it’s possible we missed something for certain images.



I have tried half a dozen targets. Astrobin seem to work but not DSO-Browser.



As Nigel said…I think you can try any image on DSO Browser without success:


I think the problem may be on DSO side.

My above image (last post) gives different scale than that given by astrometry net:

Center (RA, Dec):(97.999, 4.952)
Center (RA, hms):06h 31m 59.795s
Center (Dec, dms):+04° 57’ 08.411"
Size:1.72 x 1.27 deg
Radius:1.070 deg
Pixel scale:1.65 arcsec/pixel

1.65 arcsec/pix would appear to me to be the correct scale!


No, there’s certainly an issue with it fetching as well. We’ll address this in the next release.



Still having trouble with this function.



The developer of DSO-Browser does not support those types of links. Right now he only supports solved personal image links like this one:



Thank you Ken, I can now retrieve the co-ordinates for the images.