DSO List importing


Hi Ken & Jared,

I joined a conversation with Kinch with ref to only certain objects at DSO Browser being able to be taken into the F & M wizard for framing & rotating, see this thread:

I suggested something there which would make it possible for all objects at DSO to be framed in the F & M as follows:

Had a play with build with ref to importing DSO Lists, although it works great there is a huge problem at present in the fact that you can not frame & rotate as you would if fetching a target in the F & M wizard.

So here’s a method I’d like to put to you which will fully address this problem and it could be applied to every object in a DSO list regardless of what it is and to all the other ‘Import Target’ options too:

1.Create your list in DSO Browser as normal

2.Import the list via the URL from the File menu (Sequencer gets populated with the target/targets)

3.Right clicking the first target in the sequencer, you could create a new option in the ‘right click’ list, something like ‘Frame’ for example.

4.On selecting this ‘Frame’ option, the F & M wizard opens up and auto changes to the RA DEC option in the area ‘1’ at the top and automatically populates RA and DEC boxes with the coordinates imported for the DSO target (and objects name in the ‘Object’ box or it doesn’t like it when you leave the F & M wizard), an auto ‘Fetch’ would be handy or just click ‘Fetch’.

5.Image of your object is fetched and appears on screen as normal at which point you can frame and rotate until you get your chosen composition.

6.Once happy you will click ‘Create Sequence’ but instead of you getting the usual option box for appending, slewing, centring etc, it just modifies the targets RA, DEC and rotation in the sequencer so it is framed as you have chosen.

7.Job Done and works with any object you want from DSO Browsers lists.

8.If you imported multiple targets then do the same to all the others too from the sequencer.

The only complication here if you originally imported ‘multiple targets’ from DSO Browser in the first place is if you decide you want to do a mosaic for the first target for example, if this is so and it happens to be a 4 pane mosaic then when modifying the RA, DEC and rotation for the target SGP could also insert/create 3 new Targets into the sequencer before your second imported DSO Browser target and name them in the usual way with ***-1, ***-2, ***-3 and ***-4 at the end of the target name.

Seems like a good way to deal with this problem so all objects are catered for not just a few objects where certain information is available

Just an idea