EFW2 Filter Wheel Tip for Strange Behavior


I had fits with my EFW2 filter wheel recently. Among the problems: stopping between filters, not registering on #1, but randomly on other filter stops if centered at all, continued chugging along from filter to filter during a move. Was it software? Something wrong with the motor? No, it was a nick in my rubber band that surrounds the wheel. This was most certainly my fault for not retracting the gear fully when replacing the wheel after a filter cleaning. I turned the nick inward, now it seems to perform correctly through 10 trials of on-off-on. If you run into filter movement problems, check the rubber band.

But, just in case: Can we order new rubber for backup? Of so, how?



Ed, We do not manufacture EFW2 filter wheel, we merely provided an ASCOM driver for them in the absence of one from the manufacturer.


Sorry Ken! I as on apparently I posted on the wrong forum. :frowning: