Elbrus parameters



Starting with Elbrus, what are the basic parameters that can first try to:

  • Search
  • Binning
  • Exposure

Instrument: GSO RC8 F/5.4

Camera: SBIG STF-8300M

In advance thank you



I would recommend the following :
2x2 Any Angle
3x3 bin
5 second exposure with lum

Make sure you have your sampling set correctly. If you do a blind solve
first it will take care of that for you.

Jared Wellman
Co-Owner and Developer
Main Sequence Software


Thank you for your reply



Is 2x2 Any angle is well suited to an equatorial mount?



Yes, once you know your angle I would switch over to the 5x5 Dual Angle.
That will account for meridian flips and will solve much faster.

I use the dual angle option and just blind solve whenever I reposition the

Jared Wellman
Co-Owner and Developer
Main Sequence Software


Ok, Thank you for your reply



During a nomadic session the “Blind Solve” is not possible, since it requires an Internet connection ?



Correct. Unless you setup a local ansvr.

Jared Wellman
Co-Owner and Developer
Main Sequence Software


Louis, take a look [at this thread: Local Astrometry.net Files][1]

[1]: http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/t/local-astrometry-net-files/143/9 for setting up a local instance of astrometry on your computer.


I just read this thread, but I do not see how to use local Astrometry.NET as “Blind solving” with Elbrus principal



You just enable the “Blind Solve Failover” in the plate solve area of the
control panel.

More info here:


Jared Wellman
Co-Founder and Developer



Open the control panel, choose plate solve tab, then click on “other”. This opens the settings window to configure the blind solve failover astrometry.net using either the online service or a local machine instance. I have mine configured for local plate solve. Once you enter this parameter it stays set up this way.


Thank you Jared and Joelshort



If I summarize to use Astrometry.NET locally as a backup:

In of “Equipment Profile Manager” I position Elbrus as my primary platform solver and “Use blind solve failover” is checked

In of “Control Panel” I click the [Other] button and I indicates an address of the type “

This after making the local installation of Astrometry.NET as shown here: http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/t/local-astrometry-net-files/143

Is this correct?



I believe this is correct as long as you have followed the directions from the other thread to install ansvr/cygwin/astrometry files.