Elephant - just used 3 Frame and Focus frames


Simply did F&F in S H and O. Was a test of the new mount. 1000 seconds each. No flats or fancy processing - just did RGB combine in PI.


What equipment did you use?


80mm SV APO
.8 SV reducer
AP mach1 mount
SGP frame and focus feature
ZWO filter wheel with S H and O filters on frame each 1000 seconds each.
I was testing the new mount and just wanted to see a 1000 sec exposure.
PI for doing RGB combine of SHO (no other flats or calibration).
ASI 1600 MMC.
ASI 290MM guider on OAG.
Color adjusted in photoshop
Star (relfector look) done with the star pro filter. (in photoshop)
-20 temp I THINK - I may not have waited for it to cool that far.
I suppose it’s in the fits header if more info is needed.
Feather touch focuser with Boss II electronic focus motor.


It looks great! I am getting the asi1600mm pro. What size filter did you use?


What is the mm PRO? something new ? whats better on it?

I may be selling my camera. The cooler doesn’t work on it. This is my 2nd ZWO defective camera in less than 10 months.
First time they swapped the 071 for a 1600mmc. Now they want me to send it in for repair (to china) with a value of 40 to eliminate customs problems? and no insurance and say - they’re not responsible if lost or damaged in transit. (I don’t play the lottery either).

considering counting my losses… selling it as a non cooling camera and getting another USA supported warranty/brand to replace it with.

filters are the 1.25. Screw in.


I thought ZWO was better at customer support. I may be regretting my decision.


Did you experience any vignetting with the 1.25" filters?


No - TINY bit in one corner - I suspect I could eliminate it by rotating the camera framing? didn’t bother me enough to be concerned about it. I do have the camera right up to the focus wheel though. (did I post a camera train photo?) I have one here.


ZWO - their SUPPORT? helpfulness and response time is ALWAYS good. I also said I wasn’t comfortable with sending it to china and they said I could send it to my dealer and they’d handle it. So really - they panned out to be very good.
Well I think - I’m waiting for my highpoint to contact me. But I feel much better than sending it to China uninsured.


I was hoping it would work with the 1.25 filters. I get mine tonight from highpoint. Hope the cooler works. I would like to see the imaging train if you can share.


I use Astrodon 1.25" filters with my QHY163M and don’t notice any mechanical vignetting. There is a small amount of optical vignetting (light fall off at the corners) but everything is nicely calibrated with flats. If I’m not mistaken, the backfocus of the QHY163M is a little longer than the ASI1600, so I would think 1.25" filters will work fine with the ASI too.


It is the asi1600mm pro. I came close to getting the qhy163mm but changed my mind because of the1.25 filters. The pelican case was attractive




Thanks Ron
Looks like an excellent setup