Enable anti-dew heater with ZWO native driver


The ZWO ASI071MC Pro has a built-in anti-dew heater. When I set the sensor temperature below the dew point, I like to turn on the anti-dew heater. This can be done through the ASI ASCOM driver dialog.

When using the ZWO native driver, there does not appear to be any way to turn on the anti-dew heater. This would be a useful option.



I’ll check it out. Can you show what the native control looks like for this?


Jared Wellman
– Co-Founder and Developer


I guess you mean the ASCOM control. The SGP control panel for the native driver only has the gain and offset settings.

Here is the ASCOM control panel. The anti-dew heater is a simple on or off control.




Simple enough. I’d assuming turning this on/off with the Tec is likely adequate? I’ll add a checkbox in the settings to conditionally control this with the tec.



Has this been done?

I see the Gain and Offset, which I think is the native driver.

If not, is there a way to use the ASI ASCOM driver instead - the one in the pic shown above?


No, it is on “the todo list”.



Is it possible to run the ASCOM driver instead of the “native driver” for now? So I can heat the window?


Sure, SGP supports both.



Should there be an “ASCOM” camera listed in the camera selection pick list with the ASI, ZWO, Canon, Nikon, FLI etc. cameras? Or should I use ASI(1)? I don’t have my camera with me right now to plug it in and try a few things.


ASI(1) would be the ASCOM driver. The native driver is called “ZWO Camera”



in the interim - could you run a script within the sequence that checks the temperature and turns it on?


Thanks - I got ASI(1) to work. Didn’t work when I didn’t have the camera actually attached to my laptop. I was clicking around on it in my kitchen before with no luck.

Next stop: subs at -30°C. Take **THAT** dark noise!