End of sequence option spread in many places, why not all in one single place?


I have started to use SGP and getting enthusiastic about it. I have also bought a book to help me in getting the best out of it. I have a quite simple configuration right now but what really would help me is to have ONE single window where all end of sequence options are present and can be checked/unchecked. Right now they are spread in several tabs and one might forget to configure the main ones if you want to leave the system unattended
For example, if one wants that telescope to park when sequence end, one finds this in the telescope equipment tab. If one wants the camera to warm up, one find this in the camera tab , If I want to disconnect all the equipment, this is in a window found by chance called “Sequence option”, I have also suggested in a different topic in this forum to have a end of sequence option also for the focuser.

Unless I am using the SGP wrongly, that would really help - in my view - and one would have a clear picture in one places what happens when the sequence ends, equipment by equipment.

I hope I am not asking too much
Thanks in advance
T. Parrinello

We find that grouping these together with the specific device is preferred to having them clustered together in some place far from the devices. Generally you’re going through setting up a profile and thinking “Ok, what camera settings do I need to set and based on those settings what should I have selected for end of sequence?” vs having those to things as separate thought processes.

Unfortunately for sequence level things there is not a great place to put them, so the Disconnect functionality has to be in the sequence options.

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Thanks for your prompt reply.
Then in which order are the following executed: “warm up on sequence complete” (for example) to 20 degrees in 10’, set in equipment profile of the camera AND “disconnect all equipment at sequence end” set in the Sequence Settings. Does the latter wait for the camera to warm up before disconnecting it?
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Yes, it does wait.