End time in the future, skipping... not fully so



just small annoyance; in a recent session I got the (correct) message “One of the targets end time is in the past, it will be skipped, continue?”.

Hitting yes, the scope will slew to the supposedly skipped target, can’t recall if it centered or not, and then slewed to the next target and began imaging ok.

So, everything fine, but a slew (and maybe a center) was made on a skipped target.

  • I can retrieve the session log if needed
  • SGPro was

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Always… we are blind without it.


Ok, next time I won’t ask.

It’s here:


… the first slew is the one that should have been skipped.

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I don’t have a fix for this yet, but I can verify that it is a bug (introduced when the start / end time stuff was refactored).


@jaime This has been fixed and released in

As a side note, the issue you reported was a bug for everyone, but the operating system you are you using is not officially supported. Any issues that are specific to Windows XP (only a matter of time) will not be addressed.

Thx for the report.


Hi Ken,

I know (and understand) XP is not officially supported, but that does not mean bugs or issues reported by people using XP will be ignored, or does it?

I mean, as long as the problem has nothing to do with the operating system…

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No… we will certainly investigate. Just commenting that if the bug is specific to XP, it will not be addressed.


Fair enough, Ken, thanks!