Environmental Temperature Sensors?


Hello! I would like to use an environmental temperature sensor for focusing. However, I do not want to use the temperature sensor on the Robofocus module. The temperature is not read in the basic ASCOM driver and the advanced driver and I did not play well together.
What temperature or environmental sensors integrate with SGPro? I found reference to the TempHUM USB sensor. Are there other temperature sensors that folks use?
I integrated temperature sensors with the Raspberry Pi, but I do not want to try to integrate a sensor for Windows and SGPro if such has already been developed.
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I use the environmental sensors from Astro-Smart. They have sensors for temp, humidity, cloud cover, rain, SQM, etc with ASCOM driver that works with SGP.


Thank you!



SGP can read environment data from Ascom ObservingConditions sensors. So anything that comes with one will do. You can also write your own (I did to wrap a home made raspberry pi weather again and another to wrap a AAG CloudWatcher).