Error because of sequence start time out but hours before start

Attached log.

I have a sequence I am working on. Target is not in position until 8:48PM. HOwever it is dark much earlier so I pulled my cover off and started the sequence. I am using the planning tool so it says at the bottom “waiting until 8:48 to start”

But after a while, I get a log pop up that said “Sequence Error”

yadda yadda Sequence has not started in allotted time period. Only with one “t”. I told the error to go away and have not seen another occurrence. I am going to wait around to make sure it starts up fine but wanted to attach the log anyways. Here ya (111.9 KB)


Did you mean to send the log just prior to this one? That log starts at 20:42… or is that what you mean? You were waiting about 6 minutes? The first attempt to start in that log was unable to connect to the guider and shut the sequence down. Your notification pane had a notification in it that read “Error - Could not start auto guider, aborting…”

opps, no I did not mean to send that one. I had started the sequence as soon as it got dark so maybe 5:30PM. By dark I mean twilight. I wanted to start camera cool down etc. Lets skip it for now. I’ll try to replicate the problem in the coming days and send the correct log.