Error message that caused crash


I set up my ‘observatory’ laptop with my outside (the observatory) small scope with a guide camera and main camera. I connected the main camera and the scope (ASCOM EQMOD) - and also PHD2 with guide camera. Test guide image was fine. When I did a ‘frame and focus’ the main camera image was effectively interlaced (its not supposed to happen). I couldn’t find anything wrong with settings. I disconnected the camera (SGP) and then unplugged the camera from the USB, waited a few seconds, and then reconnected. Verified OK in ‘device driver’. I clicked ‘connect’ in SGP.
Problem! It said ‘trying to connect’ (or similar). but that was the end of the session. Nothing would work. Couldn’t close anything. After several fruitless minutes I had to force closure via ‘task manager’ and do a laptop restart.
The error message about the camera connection seems to have halted the program and refused to acknowledge any further entries.

I have tried to find a logfile for the episode but cannot find any log files or even settings for their location. No mention in the help file (that I could find).

I re-ran all the software. SGP entered a ‘new’ mode with no image display. I was able to conect the camera and take a f&f image but it would not display. I found the image in the correct place and it was normal but there was no option anywhere to bring back the image display.

Eventually I closed the program and restarted it. It started normally. Then the clouds intervened for the night so I packed up.

The road is long…



As I asked previously, where can I find the log files to try to find the problem causes? I searched the manual…



Hi Lawrence…click on HELP at the top left of the SGP screen and you have the option there to view the log or open the log folder.


Thanks! :slight_smile: