Error 'Parameter not valid' when trying to plate solve


I am trying to plate solve a saved image (converted to 16 bits FITS with PixInsight) but I receive the below error message.
I can’t see any file in “C:\Users\Olivier\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Temp” during the whole sequence below (??)
I am not sure how to get the ansrv logs (if any)
Thanks for your help!

  • Open SGP
  • Open image (attached)
  • Set local as engine with
  • right-clik and ‘Plate Solve’, choose 2.3 as scale and hit ‘Blind Solve’ (this image does solve with AstroTortilla and returns 2.30 as scale)
  • Then I receive the error message
  • Close SGP

sg_logfile_20151211080313.txt (19.8 KB)


Sorry. SGPro does not currently support solving of 3 channel / axis (RGB) FITS images. Only mono… I have added protection against this to provide a better user experience.

We might add this in the future, but it has not been at the top of any request list. Feel free to request it (in the Feature Requests category) if it is important to you…


Now I am confused. I use an SBIG STF8300C for my imaging, which is one-shot-color. Does this mean that I cannot plate solve using images binned 1 x 1? I normally bin 2 x 2 for my plate solve images, but also take my lights at 1 x 1 in order to preserve the RGB color.

Fred K.


@fjkeller nothing that comes from your camera is rgb so you are fine (at any binning). There is no setting or configuration that can cause your camera to output 3 axis rgb (debayered images).


Thanks Ken. I know I have been able to plate solve in the past so I was afraid something might have changed. Pardon my confusion.