Error when Open Sequence Generated by Mosaic



I have problem when Open Sequence generated by Mosaic, the error in attach file and the log.

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Leandrosg_logfile_20160404233638.txt (18.5 KB)



I add both sequence I have problem to load, the file was renamed with TXT.


LeandroNGC6514.txt (520.9 KB)IC4604_Mosaico.txt (520.9 KB)


Thanks for the report… we will try to take a look next week.



Your sequence files for the mosaic are corrupt (missing the entire end of the sequence). I am not sure why… I have added some code that should not really be necessary, but it could help to force the flush of the sequence into the file.

Does the same issue happen if you choose to NOT save the “working image” in the mosaic sequence?


Hi Ken,

To verify the solution, the new code is on the Version 2.5.X.X?

The sequence was performed as follows:

  • Open SGP
  • Selection option Mosaic
  • Request one object by name and after arrive the image in Mosaic option.
  • I check the area I want to make Mosaic.
  • When I agree with the Mosaic generated, I press option to generate sequence in SGP.
  • When the sequence was generated, I defined the exposure times for each mosaic/sequence and the number of photographs.
  • After I save the complete sequence generated in my Laptop.

After few minutes I open the sequence save again to complete other modification and when open display the error, as I give error many times, I proceeded to close SGP and reopen again many times, in each time I open the sequences files (examples I sent) on several occasions, always I give the reported error.

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The code changes I made have not been released. They will be in I don’t know if they are a “fix”. I cannot reproduce the issue you are seeing so I am just making guesses as to what could be happening.

What I was trying to get you to test was not associating the working image with the mosaic sequence to see if that is contributing to the issue you are seeing. This means, when you create a sequence, make sure this option is NOT CHECKED: