Extending PHD2 guiding calibration / start up time


Hi - not so much as a feature request… I only need to guide every 5 seconds and the calibration routine in PHD2 and the initial settling time takes me into recovery mode at sequence start. I was watching PHD2 and it was doing nothing wrong and just took about 4 samples to get to the line when SGP went into recovery mode. My calibration routine is using 9 steps, with the recommended step size.
Is there a way to read the PHD2 exposure time and scale the ‘ok’ time - or can it be extended?


I would recommend doing the calibration of PHD separately from running the sequence. Or if you have a permanent setup then just restore calibration data and don’t worry about going through the calibration process.

The timeout is already fairly long if something happens in the sequence, but probably not long enough to calibrate and settle many systems. Currently if we increase the timeout for one they both get increased.