Fail to connect to atik EFW2 filter wheel


Hi All,
I have downloaded the trial version of SGP and I’m trying to connect my devices.
I can connect my CCD, my guide camera, etc, but I can’t connect my filter wheel, an Atik EFW2, 9 position wheel.
I have already change the usb port, and reinstalled the driver (normal driver and ascom driver comes with the installer from Atik). the wheel works fine with other softwares like Artemis or Maxim.
The error come when I click on “connect” or on “device setting
What I can do?
Thanks for help


Have you set the Atik EFW2 as the Filter Wheel in the control Panel on SG Pro.Also have you loaded the ASCOM drivers from the ATIK site? I have only just purchased Atik460 ex and Filter Wheel and like you just having few teething problems. I am no expert, learning as I go on.


Yes of course.
The driver are loaded when you install Artemis software, and, from my experience, is not possible to find separate, also on ascom site. Do you have some link where is possible to download them?
But i think is more a problem of com than driver. But i don’t know how to tell to the software where is connected the wheel, also because as i try to set something I get the error message


I’m not really sure. May want to contact Atik about this. Sounds like there may be a reliance on the camera driver for the filterwheel?



I have been troubleshooting this issue and I’ll PM Jared with some information. Basically the issue is a difference of “1” between the filter number requested by SGP and the filter number returned by the driver interface. So if you call Filter number 1, the driver interface trues to come up with filter number “zero” which of course does not exist. I have been in touch with the Atik Developer and I’ll share the details of that correspondence with Jared.

Meanwhile the solution is to not touch the “setup” button in SGP.



I’m not sure in my case the problem is the issue of the difference of “1”, because even if I don’t setup filter list, I can’t connect with the wheel.
Message error I get when i just try to connect to the wheel is (more or less): recover of the class factory COM for the component CLSID ( …numbers…) not ok due to error 80131040. the definition of the specified assembly do not corrispond to the reference of the assembly.



I also own an Atik 460EX and EFW2 with 9 Filters. I have experienced issues since I installed the Anniversary Update (Windows 10) and issues have dissapeared installing all drivers as an administrator (right click on install program “Run as an administrator”).

Try to uninstall drivers and install it again as I tell you.


Do you have files with drivers or you install by artemis installer?


That seems like a different error than what I had in mind.



Just wanted to add that I also have connectivity issues with the EFW2.

I work around it by power cycling (unplugging re plugging0 power to the filter wheel when SGP is running but not connected.

Afterwards connect to the filter wheel and the wheel control should show the proper filter.


Sounds like this is currently in Atik’s hands. if that’s not the case we can take a look but it sounds like there is some odd behavior with the current implementation of the driver.



Latest news: I downloaded again artemis installer from the Atik site (is a new version?).
The result is that now, also to me happen that to connect with the filter wheel I often have to plug/unplug the usb,
But the big new problem is that now is completely unstable the camera, that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t connect, sometimes (often) windows blu screen.


I also have this problem. The EFW2 is my first FW but the behavior in just like others noted. Have to power cycle and not touch the setup screen. I even tried the drivers in the CD that came with the filter wheel to no avail.

I feel this is a driver problem with Atik because the ‘Filter wheel runner’ program acts funky without SGP. Hope Atik comes up with something.



Ok, if you’re having problems with a particular brand, please take it to their support system.

While useful to note ‘me too’ behavior, it can be perceived as vendor bashing.