Failed flip - need help disgnosing


Two nights in a row now, my meridian flip has failed. I’m not sure I understand why. Seems like the mount flipped properly but I think it looks like PHD2 has trouble with the guide camera after the flip. Can someone take a look at the logs to help me diagnose? Any help is appreciated.

SGP log file:

PHD log file:




OK. I think I am reading the logs correctly. It looks like at 1:51:08 step 4 of the auto center failed when the plate solver timed out. Hmmm. Now I need to figure out why…



This is just an unfortunate bug in 2.5.1. You will need to use some variant of 2.5.2 to work around that issue…


Well, I wish I had read that before I started tonight’s sequence. The good news is that I was able to pause mid-sequence, close SGP, install the latest beta and start things right back up again.

Thanks, Ken.