Failed meridian flip..... any ideas why?


Sorry for the excessive posts - Looks like EVERYTHING is going wrong all of a sudden. Last night meridian flip failed and the settings were exactly the same as the night before, on the same target… it all worked fine the night before. I’ve checked my Allsky that was recording all night and there was NO cloud at all, all night. The moon was about for sure, but it SGP had plate solved when the sequence started when the moon was just as big…

I am scratching my head why I suddenly am getting so any issues… it’s driving me nuts.



You have run into a known issue where the camera erroneously times out during the centering process. We made a decision not to fix this issue in SGPro 2.5.1 because:

  • It would take too long
  • It is fixed in the 2.5.2 beta which is very stable and just days away from release.

I highly recommend you upgrade.


Thanks for your answer Ken.