Feature Request: Continue to second event in sequence if first fails


This may be possible but I have yet to figure it out.

Assuming you have a sequence with two (or multiple events) . The first event is scheduled for 3 hours of imaging, but the unfortunately misplaced tree interferes with the imaging run. The sequence goes into recovery mode and eventually aborts.

Possible feature:
The recovery mode should be configured to go to event 2 rather than totally aborting the sequence (after X attempts or if time of start of the second event > current time or it is still night out)



Interesting idea.

It is true that some failures are a result of something about the object. Perhaps poor guide-stars, perhaps terrain, perhaps a cloud bank in that area. I would think that rather than “abort to next event” it might be nice to have an “abort to next target”.



Agreed…Abort to the next Target if there is one.


Or just use the notification feature to inform you that your event / target has failed, then based on the failure mode, you decide what to do next.


What! You mean interrupt my sleep! :smiley:


+1 to this request


Like the next target option.


I was about to request the same thing.
My window of sky is a little limited, so I like to make plans that track an object across my area, then once complete, slew back across the sky to the next target and so on.
Sometimes the image hits a tree or the city lights in that side of the sky make me lose the guide star. So it would be great to abort the sequence and go to the next target on the other side of the sky.
A simple check box in the target settings would be nice.
Thank you