Feature Request: Weather station check until clear for X minutes at Start


Oh, the assembler days… I wrote stuff for Compucorp 425 (based on Intel 8008), IBM s/360, DEC-10, PDP-11 and what have you. All in assembler. But, as you all know, times change and we’re in C# and the ASCOM platform. Said platform is a great benefit to astro stuff and I applaud it.

That said, we’re approaching 2016 and the there is a high pressure area over my remote observatory in southern France!

Happy new!



Steve - just got the LifeRoof motor powered up and discovered, since it is designed for driveway gates, its logic on the open/close is skewed to prevent mangling the Merc. (There was nothing in the manual)

I’ll update the Arduino code - a short pulse on the open/close relay inputs opens or closes the roof. Whilst it is closing, a pulse on the open, opens it again. Whilst it is opening, a pulse on the close stops the roof and it needs another pulse to close it. Typical!


Updated the code for the motor system inputs. I added some other functions to the obsy app, which can re-program the Arduino logic- so it can be set to permanently disregard its safety sensors. In doing so, it becomes a basic open/close roof, rather than something using some local intelligence to avoid collisions or getting wet. In that way, I can choose which approach works best and change its behaviour without having to change code. I can then ignore the obsy app if I choose to and use any app through the ASCOM driver.
Code put back into the same dropbox folders


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