Filter suffix Change on Filter Change


Quick Bug report I couldn’t find in the forums - version – sorry for the older version I don’t use it much anymore

Last night on a rare clear night I started up a sequence using filters in R, G, B, L order. With Florida fog rising I decide to change the order to L, R ,G ,B so I would at least get a good monochrome image if the fog crept up high later. When I started assembly the images this morning, I noticed the prefix was wrong. Testing SGP, once you’ve picked a filter the interface doesn’t update the filter suffix when you change the filter. This resulted in all my images having the wrong sufffix in the filename. My Lum were labled R, my red label G, the green B, and Blue L.


This is actually not a bug and is working by design. SGPro will auto populate the suffix field only if it is blank. Since yours was not blank when you changed it, SGPro left it alone.

The real issue here is that we should remove filter population in the suffix field all together… it is no longer useful and just results in situations like this.

#3 will no longer auto populate the filter abbreviation into the suffix field.