First column all zero from Atik 460EX


Images from my Atik 460EX have all zeros in first column, when I use Artemis (Atiks own image software) this is not the case.
How can that be?

Also size is wrong according to Atik’s documentation but I suppose thats an error with atiks documentation or their driver. (width/height both one less than specified)




I’m not 100% sure about this, but what I’ve heard is that the first column contains some information that gets put in the FITs header. Once that data is transferred the column is zero’d out since it has no image information.

As for why the overall size is one pixel off in each direction I don’t know, but this seems to be a common practice.



This is a question for Atik Support.

These are the properties reported by the low level Atik driver:
01:20:10.401 Properties properties Protocol 795, nPixelsX 2749, nPixelsY 2199, PixelMicronsX 4,54, PixelMicronsY 4,54, ccdFlags 0, cameraFlags ARTEMIS_PROPERTIES_CAMERAFLAGS_PREVIEW, ARTEMIS_PROPERTIES_CAMERAFLAGS_SUBSAMPLE, ARTEMIS_PROPERTIES_CAMERAFLAGS_HAS_OVERLAP_MODE, Description ATIK-460ex, Manufacturer ARTEMIS CCD, set PrechargeMode to ICPS, set FIFO to true, GetProcessing ARTEMIS_PROCESS_LINEARISE, ARTEMIS_PROCESS_VBE, GetMaxBin 255, 255, hasShutter False.


The image size is a question for atik support (which I have asked now)
But how can the question of zero in first column be something for atik support? This does not happen with Artemis




I get the zero in the first column whether I use Artemis or SGP. Of course I haven’t use Artemis in over a year since I moved to SPG so I guess they could have updated something since then. Checking over my older data shows the black column though.




As Chris mentioned, you will need to address both issues with your camera’s manufacturer. All SGPro does is take a bunch of bytes from the driver and display them. We do not determine which bytes to display and which should be hidden.


The ASCOM driver gets a pointer to the start of the image data from the Atik driver and uses that to fill the ImageArray. It’s all described in the Atik SDK.