First month experience


Hi all

I’m using a 10u GM2000 and 6 inch SW Esprit. I’ve been on a learning curve, but becoming familiar after about 5 sessions this month. I’ve had problems with autofocusing as it really needs longer exposures when imaging the target, whereas previously, I have found a Mag 8 or so star and ran Maxim’s autofocus routine. So now I am settled on about 10 secs and I think that is just sufficient.

I don’t know if this is a bug, but when I click on tools|Equipment Profile Manager|Focus|Settings, SGPro just hangs and I need to re-boot. Very repeatable.

Otherwise, I am nearly at the stage of being able to just let it run and go to sleep!



Certainly a bug… just don’t know where. Clicking that button invokes software that we did not write. Could be an issue with the settings dialog for your ASCOM focuser driver? Not entirely sure. If you selected the focuser simulator instead of your actual focuser and clicked setting you would probably see different behavior (not crashing or hanging).


AIUI this is showing the driver setup dialog for the focuser. What may be happening is that the focuser setup dialog is being shown behind the various SGP windows. SGP won’t continue until you click Cancel or OK in the invisible setup dialog.

You may be able to tell by minimising or moving the SGP windows before opening this dialog or checking the SGP icon in the toolbar. There may be a second one that shows the setup dialog. Hover the mouse pointer over the icon and see what you get.

Windows changed the way that windows were shown a few years ago and it can now be quite difficult to get something like a dialog to appear on top of the other windows.

Chris R


Chris, you are right, although SGP was hung, so couldn’t minimise it. For information, I use the Starlight Feathertouch focuser with FocusLynx software and ASCOM driver. So I just need to be aware of this in the future.

Thanks for the quick response