First steps with SGP


Still using my trial period for SGP and already enjoying some of the features this program offers.

I belong to an amateur astronomical asociation in Chile, the "Asociacion Chilena de Astronomia y Astronautica, ACHAYA, and right now we are 3 members that are testing the software and trying to understand a few confusing windows but thanks to this forum, things are getting clearer.

After this testing period I expect that more members of our asociation will decide to follow us and try SGP.
Right now our members are using MaximDL and EOS Canon capture program for DSLR cameras.

Regards, from -33°, where we can enjoy very high in the sky NGC 3372, Eta Carinae nebula, NGC 5139, Omega Centauri, Magellanic Clouds, the closest star (Alpha Centauri), etc.




Welcome… let us know if you have any questions.

Please let us know if parts of our help file need additional work… I’m sure some do.