Flaming Star Nebula with C925 Edge with Hyperstar - 21 hr



I want to share with you this image of the Flaming Star - IC405.

It was taken with a modified Canon T1i DSLR working on a Celestron C925 EdgeHD with Hyperstar at f2.3. Mount is an iOptron CEM60:

The total exposure time is 21hr 10min (7 hr 20 min RGB plus 13 hr 50 min for Ha). Captured with Sequence Generator Pro and Processed entirely in Pixinsight.

Thanks for looking!

Bogotá, Colombia


Nice job Alfredo! :smile:


Thank you!

This long integration time was only possible thanks to SGP’s capacity of placing every night the telescope pointing to the very same place in the sky. It is wonderful.



Agreed! :slight_smile: I just did this too. I don’t have enough data to finish it yet.

How do you like your CEM60? It seems to ebb and flow on whether people love it, hate it, or indifferent?

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I really like the CEM60. It is a very good mount with enough capacity to carry my C925 EdgeHD plus hyperstar and camera, and it should be able to handle a C11 also for imaging.

I measured the PE of this mount and found it to be 3.49 arceconds peak to peak, as I reported here

It works very well with SGP after the driver was updated around a year ago.

So far I’m really pleased with this mount.

Bogotá, Colombia