Flat and calibration frames needs remodelling


SGP could really use some rethinking on how add flats and perhaps other calibration frames during a session.

We should be able to add flats and anywhere in the sequence.
The flats need to be taken with the correct parameters.
That is park the mount at the flat box and rotate to the correct angle.
In some cases such as a full moon it may be helpfully to close and reopen the observatory.
I know we can do much of this now.

I find the setup is confusing even after using SGP for six month.

Some of the same applies to darks. Perhaps we want the dome to open or close to prevent light leaks at twilight.

I came from the CCDAP5 world. They had way specific area to help load the calibration frames at the start or end.
Also, they had a take flats Now or darks Now buttons.

I am not suggesting that we remodel the process like they do.
Just that is was a bit simpler for me to understand.

I do think some of the process could be preset in the control panel - equipment profile such as parking, opening and closing.