Flat box on wall operation


I have Alnitak Flat box on the wall in fixed position. How does automated flats work in this situation ?
That is, how does SGP knows to go to that Alt AZ position? I read the help file but I don’t this explained.



Currently you need to set your park position to face the flat panel. Then park your mount as part of the flats pre event.

Hope that helps,


Thanks. I can do that


Does this require a park pre-event for each flat filter?
If so that’s a bit of work.

Our developers might consider adding flat box at park check box in the settings.

Also, a specific position other than park may be eventually be necessary for a few people with roll offs that need another position for roof closure.

Finally, I request that the scope cover function be allow to be a separate device than the light box ( when the box is not a flip flat).

Larger scopes will have a mounted box and separate cover. Typically the flip flats stop being made around 13".
I doubt they will ever be making then in 20" size do to weight.


Nope, just once to get it parked before the flats get started. Once they get started you don’t need to keep parking it.

Probably best to create another request so it doesn’t get lost here. I don’t REALLY want to create “yet another device type” in SGP. Maybe we’ll create some sort of special combo device to handle this.