Flat box question


As I understand it, only Alnitak flat boxes are supported by SGP and there is no ASCOM standard for flat boxes. I have a flat panel that works very well for me and is a tiny fraction of the cost of an Alnitak box, which is appreciable since I have a 14" scope. What I would like to do is build an Arduino-based controller for my flat panel that would consist simply of on/off and brightness settings. I have my “park” position set such that the scope points directly at the flat panel and I would like it to simulate an Alnitak controller so SGP can control it remotely. I am assuming that SGP uses a serial command set to communicate with the Alnitak boxes, but I have no idea what that command set is. Does anyone know?




You can find the “Flip-Flat and Flat-Man Generic Commands” right there: http://www.optecinc.com/astronomy/catalog/alnitak/resources/Alnitak_GenericCommandsR3.pdf


I created an arduino implementation of this a while back. You can find it here:



Perfect. Thanks, guys.



I just thought I would follow up on this. I took this panel:

I bypassed the control circuitry, took an Arduino Uno I had lying around, loaded Jared’s code, and output the PWM pin through a transistor, and I now have a flat panel big enough for my Edge 14 that SGP can control for about 1/10 the price of a Flat-Man XL.

It works beautifully. One more step toward fully-remote imaging!