Flats and 'star analysis'


I prepared a sequence for producing flats where the exposures are about 1 sec long. Clearly no ‘analysing stars’ option is required, however last night’s flat sequence stopped on every frame to look for stars! This doesn’t usually happen so I must have accidently invoked something to cause it. The window for flats is very short. To ‘fix’ the problem I just did a ‘focus with save’ on continuous until I had collected ~10 or so.

Can anyone suggest a cause for this unwanted ‘star analysis’? It must be something simple.


Lawrence Harris


Maybe the frame type wasn’t flat? That would generally be what would case it. Also SGP may flash the “analyzing” even on flat frames but it’s generally just downloading.



Hello Jared

Sorry, wrong on both counts. The ‘calib’ file is set up with ‘bias’,
dark, flat labels, in which only flats is enabled. The download takes
place and then there is a long pause during ‘analysing stars’. During
this long wait the windows actually judder and ‘not responding’ is
displayed for several seconds before control is regained. Next time it
happens I’ll store the log file.




Its doing it now via frame and focus as I wait for optimum brightness levels.
Does the attached log file show anything?

Lawrencesg_logfile_20180924170946.txt (33.4 KB)

I probably makes sense via f&f even though its not needed at this stage. I believed that this was only started when the ‘star’ option was selected to display star criteria.



Further to the above: when I started the actual run - collecting flats - it stopped analysing the star data.

Hopefully this will now be OK.