Flats exposures keep changing

Hi all. Im using Tried to manually set exposures for a series of flats even though each filter automatically inherited the previous flats wizard exposures for the profile. (Reason for new exposures is my flat light panel has a dimmer which is not always at same setting as original flats exposure calculated). I saved the sequence with the flats as part of it and ran the flats. Next session I wanted to run some flats again and noticed that despite saving the sequence, the exposure settings for each filter had reverted back to the original ones from the flats wizard rather than the manually set ones I thought I’d saved. Tried this a number of times and each time same issue - original exposures rather than the newly saved ones. I presume SGP sees “Flats” and over-rides any other exposure rather than the one it has stored for that profile - but since that’s not what I want in this case it’s an issue.

Moving to support. I’ll try to recreate.