FLI camera speed settings not staying set in SGP


There are download speed settings that can be set in SGP for FLI cameras. Set them once and that is supposed to be it. Every time I open a new session, I have to reload to mode 0 or mode 1 for the settings. Any suggestions as to what is going on?


Hi, Gunny. Sorry to hear about your problem with download speeds. This is an odd one. I have not experienced this issue. Are you using the driver that comes with SGP?



Hi Gunny,

I think SGP requires you to connect your camera first and set the mode and speed. You should do this, then set up a equipment profile with your settings to be the default profile. Else you will need to set the cameras options each and every time. Not a bug in SGP - I think - as it part the camera’s driver.



Thanks Fellows,

I think the DOOOH is that I didn’t set as a new profile. I’ll give it a try when weather clears.


Glad to hear it’s working for you now. I like SGP, in fact I continue to be quite impressed with it, but one thing that still gets me now and then is learning where and when to change and save settings, how profiles work, etc. It all makes sense in the end, but there is a learning curve, and I have still not crested that curve!



Hi Ben,

I’ll agree that the set up of and saving a profile is a bit challenging, but overall, price and functionality trumps the more expensive programs.