FLI Driver RBI Mitigation Clarification Please


I have been using the RBI mitigation settings with the new FLI driver in SGP. I would appreciate clarification on what constitutes a “cycle”. I recall that it was initially defined as a Flood followed by a single Flush, and this would be repeated for each cycle.

Recall that I strongly recommended that the procedure be as follows: a single Flood followed by a user-specific number of Flushes. It is understood that a single Flush following a Flood is insufficient to flush the register for the acquisition to follow, and that 2 - 3 or more Flushes are recommended. I now don’t recall, nor can I confirm that my recommendation was implemented.

Please clarify what this driver is presently doing. If there are multiple Floods being performed with a single Flush each, then the procedure is not yet sufficient for optimum use.

I would like to say, however, that the various controls for having flash or flush only or combined with multiple cycles and binning options is just right for use. I just need to clarify what constitutes a “cycle”.

Thank you!