FLI Driver RBI Mitigation Out of Sequence


Tonight I exercised RBI mitigation using SGP’s FLI driver. I noticed that the mitigation is performed before autoguiding steps such as resuming, dithering, settling and that it is performed before autofocus.

It is important that RBI mitigation be timed to occur right before acquisition and that there be no other steps happening in between. The purpose of flashing the sensor is to bring it into the same initial charge filled conditions prior to an exposure. If there are other steps happening after the RBI mitigation of variable duration, it defeats the purpose of the mitigation and the sensor will not be in a consistent state before each frame is acquired.

I would appreciate it if you could please update the driver to sequence the RBI mitigation properly.

Thank you very much!

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Here is a link to my log file in which I captured several events happening in between RBI mitigation and frame exposure:

At one point these were right next to each other… over the years they drifted apart. will put these actions back together.

Thank you, Ken!


I can confirm that the latest update of the SGP FLI Driver now performs RBI mitigation directly before frame acquisition with no other steps in between. Thank you for your prompt action in fixing this!


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