FLI Filterwheel Numbering


I have an FLI CFW-2-7 filterwheel with slots numbered 0-6.

The filterwheel connects easily to SGP; however, SGP’s filterwheel numbering is 1-7.

When I try to import data from the filterwheel in SGP, I get an error message: “Cannot import filter data from filterwheel driver.”

How would I go about adding a 7th filter? How can the “Import” filterwheel data option be made workable?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Technically SGP’s numbering is also 0 based. We just display starting at 1 as that’s what most non-developers are used to.

If the import is failing for some reason though, you can add the additional filter by going to the Filter Tab in the Control panel and clicking the “Define Filter List” to add your filters.