Focus issues with recent updates


I have about had it with these focus errors after this rash of updates in the past month. Where do I find an older version at least 2 months old before this started? I never had focus issues before.

Aprox time of issue:

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

Go to: Archived Releases SGP Scroll down and take your pick which one you best feel will help you.

Your problems more than likely comes from bad settings or hardware issues, the new autofocus routine tell you there is something wrong instead of just continuing after a bad autofocus like it did before.
The usual problem is a step size which is too small, the highest HFR should be around 3-4x the lowest HFR in the graph, you seem to be at lowest HFR 2.8 and highest 5.

What kind of scope do you have?
If you have a reflector remember to turn off smart focus.
I cannot see backlash being turned on in your settings, this should definitely be turned on, even if one doesn’t need it, it won’t hurt anything.

With the settings you use it won’t autofocus good with an older version either even if it seems so, it’s just that it won’t tell you the focus run isn’t optimal

+1 I find the new focus algorithm is more reliable with all my refractors and reflectors. Some ideas:

  • make sure your AF exposures are sufficient to get enough identified stars
  • step size is all important; dog ears suggest too many/too big and a very small HFR range suggests too few/too small
  • if the slope either side of the focus point is assymetrical - highly indicative of a collimation error.
  • manage backlash - either in the focuser module/driver or in SGP but not both
  • set minimum star size so that it is just sufficient to reject hot pixels; if it is set too high, stars suddenly do not register as they get close to focus and the mean HFR result is ruined